Metro: from the airport to the Hotel Miguel Angel

The Metro is open from 6:00 AM to 1:30 AM and the travel from the airport to the hotel is approximately 30 minutes.

> Download Madrid Metro map

Whether arriving at Terminal T1, T2, T3 or T4, after leaving baggage claim, there are signs leading to the METRO, bus and taxi services.

When you arrive at the metro station (the walk can be long, especially if you land at terminal 1), you will find ticket machines and an information desk. You can either buy a 10 trip ticket for 12.20€ (also valid for buses) within zone A, or a single trip for 1.50€ to 2€ (depending on number of metro stops). However, in both cases you will have to pay a 3€ additional Airport Fee (please note, multiple travellers can use the same multi ticket, but will have to purchase separate airports supplements).

There is a single metro line at the airport (line 8 – pink line), and it will take you to the NUEVOS MINISTERIOS station. Once there, look for signs to line 10 (dark blue line) in the direction of PUERTA DEL SUR. Please note that this is one of the biggest and busiest stations. However, the connection between line 8 and line 10 is a very short walk. Once you are on line 10, direction PUERTA DEL SUR, you only have one stop until the GREGORIO MARAÑON station, your destination.

You should look for the exit signs, specifically the one that will read C/Miguel Angel. This exit will take you out onto Miguel Angel street; roughly 30 meters in front of you and to your right will be Hotel Miguel Angel.


There is a flat fare of 30 € for a taxi ride between the Barajas airport to the centre of Madrid.

Taxis in Madrid may be ordered by phone, picked up at authorized taxi stands, or flagged down in the street. Always check that the meter is running. Taxis must usually be paid in cash though some accept credit cards.


112 is the European emergency phone number, available everywhere in the EU, free of charge.
It is possible to call 112 from fixed and mobile phones to contact any emergency service: ambulance, fire brigade or police.


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