Side events

> May, 22nd – 23rd : AnimalChange 3rd Annual Meeting

The 3rd Annual Meeting of the European Project AnimalChange(AN Integration of Mitigation and Adaptation options for sustainable Livestock production under CLIMATE CHANGE) was held on the 22nd & 23rd of May.

This meeting was the opportunity for AnimalChange partners to discuss relevant results achieved since the project start in March 2011, expose drawbacks and propose solutions and future project orientations.



> May, 21st: Workshop “Grassland Sensitivity to Climate Change”

A workshop on ‘Grassland sensitivity to climate change’ was organised on May 21st, 2014.

For additional information concerning this workshop, please contact Fiona Ehrhardt (

The main objective of this event was to discuss the first results of sensitivity analysis for Grasslands that have been launched in collaboration with C3MP (coordinated climate-crop modeling project,, which tests the sensitivity of Grasslands to climate drivers (T, P, CO2) with models that have already been tested/calibrated for specific sites.

Agenda for the workshop

9:30 Introduction to AgMIP and to the Grasslands & Livestock Group

10:00 Workplan for grasslands modeling (integration of grasslands GHG modeling, mitigation options)

10:30 Introduction to C3MP (AgMIP project)

11:00 Coffee Break

11:20 Short presentations of grassland/rangeland models contributing to C3MP

12:05 First C3MP results

12:35 Discussion

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Further developments for modeling grasslands response to climate change

14:30 Discussion

15:00 Coffee Break

15:30 Introduction of the Grasslands Research Network (Virginia Pravia, INIA, Uruguay)

16:00 Discussion with Grasslands Research Network

16:45 Meeting end

> May, 21st: Workshop “Animal Health and Disease and GHG Mitigation

For additional information please contact Heather I. McKhann ( or Sophie Malbreil (



8:30 – 9:00 Welcome coffee
9:00-11:00 Welcome Chair: Harry Clark
Introduction to workshop and its aims and brief introduction to FACCE – JPI Jean-François Soussana, INRA
Global perspective on food security, climate change and greenhouse gas emissions Anne Mottet and Pierre Gerber, FAO
Animal health and GHG emissions: Can improving animal health contribute significantly to GHG mitigation? Harry Clark
Animal health and productivity in the EU – current and emerging issues John Elliott
Research linking animal health to GHG emissions Alistair Stott 
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 – 12:30 ANIHWA Abdenour Benmansour
GRA Harry Clark
Animal Health & GHG Emissions Intensity Network Tim Robinson
STAR-IDAZ Luke Dalton
ATF Martin Scholten
IFAH Declan O’Brien
EPIZONE Wim van der Poel
SCAR CWG sustainable animal production Babette Breuer
6 minutes eachIntroduction to what they are doing, how they feel they can contribute to work on animal health/GHG emissions and what the priorities are from their perspective.
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch break
13:30- 13:40 Introduction to parallel breakout sessions
13:40 – 15:40 Parallel Breakout sessions
Links between productivity, disease and GHG emissions Adrian Williams
Barriers to the adoption and uptake of animal health measures Alistair Stott and Christine Fourichon
Data needs and data availability Luke Dalton and John Elliott
15:40 – 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 – 17:30 Reports from Breakout sessions, discussion and identification of priority areas for action Martin Scholten & Harry Clark

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